Estate Management

Peace of Mind Services

Our estate managers work directly with home/business owner to plan and execute the overall management required to sustain your property. Our mission is to anticipate property needs, drive business performance and improve property assets, while offering a peace of mind to the owner. The “Peace of Mind” service offered to property owners allows them the freedom of knowing their property is well maintained, secure and building income.

Our Peace of Mind Services include:

  • Creating budgets, paying any municipal bills and ensure the building complies with all laws.
  • Screening potential renters to discuss leasing and property rules and regulations.
  • Deposit, rent and association fee collections.
  • Responding to all tenant complaints, concerns and answer questions.
  • Arranging routine and needed repairs.
  • Arranging grounds keeping and landscaping.
  • Marketing the property for rent, lease, or sale.

Our Peace of Mind Household Helper services include:

  • Housesitting (short term or long term)
  • Utility wait-in service (#1 Service provided)
  • Arrange routine maintenance and landscaping