Savings Plan for EVERYTHING

Happy New Year!!! It’s that time again to start a savings plan that will work best with your budget. I have highlighted several plans that will enable you to reach whatever savings goal you wish to achieve for the year. With the increasing in the prices of everything, saving is becoming harder and harder to do. Before you just start putting your money in a bank lets review some tips to help you succeed in saving.

Savings Tips

  • Set a realistic savings goal
  • Use a CD or a savings account where daily access is unavailable
  • Set the amount as an automatic draft
  • Monitor your progress and award yourself for mild stones and end goals

So now that you have all the tips, lets look at some savings plans that will help you ultimately reach your savings goal.


The 52 Week Savings Plan works best for a long term savings goal with a good end goal. I found that it works better in reverse because I tend to have more money at the beginning of the year. I have used this plan for many years and I am very pleased with the end result. This plan also puts you in a weekly reminder mode that you need to save. I found that to be tiresome, so I modified it so it to combine the monthly total and that’s what I deposit. I use this plan for vacations and general savings.


The 52 Week Down Payment Plan works best if you can afford an aggressively savings goal with a significant end goal. This savings plan works best when used for saving for down payments on homes, cars, boats or any big ticket items. I discovered that this goal works best if you and a partner (spouse) rotate weeks because if gives you time to save for your next week of saving.


The 26 Week Emergency Savings Plan works best if you are trying to jump start your savings goals. I love this plan because you are able to adjust it to a every other week savings approach; which ultimately coincides with pay periods. This plan does not yield a large end goal but it does get you to start saving. Even if the contribution is small in an emergency remember every little bit helps.

I hope that these plans help get you in the habit of saving and on the path to reaching financial security!!!


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