Personal Concierge vs Event Planner

Why hire a Personal Concierge over an Event Planner?

The list is endless… Personal concierge companies give clients the one thing no other company can…TIME. Time with family, friends and more to time to focus on growing their careers and businesses. Personal concierges customize your service so they cater to you and the success of your event. Event planners may have multiple projects going on at the same time as your event, which doesn’t allow for the personal touches a personal concierge gives. A personal concierge can offer you a sound piece of mind and completely manage your event and every aspect of your life and business. Just think of us as you personal superhero!!! Just as the concierge of a hotel works their magic to fulfill your needs during your stay; your personal concierge will fulfill the needs to enhance your work/life balance. Bet you’ve never had an event planner do that!!!cross-training

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